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Fully redundant sentry servers and validator deployed across multiple data centers and cloud providers.

24/7 infrastructure monitoring through state-of-the-art tools like Prometheus, Graphana and custom tools.

A Team with years' experience running large infrastructures for multiple Fortune 500 companies.



APR ~13.8%

4% commission


APR ~70%

4,2% commission


By staking your assets you get a passive return from the chain rewards and help make the network more secure. Moreover you make yourself eligible to receive airdrops.
You are in control of your private keys and funds throughout the duration of the staking period. You can undelegate or withdraw your funds at any time with the only limitation of the chain lock time.
Terranodes is a validator service managed by a team of experts that allows you to participate in the governance of blockchains on which we are active by having an income on your crypto assets. You can simply rely on us.
Our team gathers excellence from the TerraBitcoin Club. The team in charge of the management has years of experience running large infrastructures, event-driven trading system development and micro services cloud deployment, in addition to a deep knowledge of cryptocurrencies and investments.
Because we are a strong community and we share the purpose of Proof of Stake technologies. We are the first investors of our service and we have as primary objective the interests of those who have decided to believe in us.


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